With vape technology changing at an alarming rate, there are more types of device to choose from now than ever before.

Vape devices can be very daunting when you first experience them. There are more devices now than ever before and finding the one which suits you and your tastes is crucial if you want to get serious about vaping. Whatever stage of your vape journey you’re at, finding the right device can up your experience to the highest. Whether you’re into sub ohming with vape mods or just want a classic cigalike to get through the day, there are almost as many devices as there are flavours! Below are some of the main categories of vape device and what they can bring to the table.


Cigalikes are vape device which, like the name, resemble cigarettes and have found their primary user to be those trying to quit smoking. The cigalike is small, discreet in its vapour output, and is disposable. This makes it a great starter kit, especially because of the simple use and easy to carry device. There are disposable and rechargeable varieties of the cigalike giving it flexibility in that area, but the flavours are limited in most cases to tobacco and menthol.

vaping pen

Vape pens

These are some of the most popular vape devices among medium term vapers. The vape pen is pocket sized and often has temperature control settings alongside a tank and rechargeable battery. You can fill up the tank, so you’re not limited to pod mod cartridges and can choose from most vape juices out there on the market. These devices have very little fuss attached, the power button allowing it to turn on and off and allows you a lot of flexibility in the way you vape.

Box mods

These square shaped devices are made for internal flexibility, giving the user the chance to replace and experiment with different coils, atomiser heads and batteries. The devices are square shaped, hence the term box mod and have a battery which is either built in or external. These devices often have a lot of different customisable features, such as variable wattage and voltage controls alongside temperature controls. These devices are often reserved for more experienced vapers.

What is regulated and unregulated?

Regulated and unregulated mods refer two different types of box mods. Unregulated vape mods are devices which allow you to control the voltages and wattages inside the device. This usually requires you to have some experience in making your own circuit boards which in the wrong hands can be quite dangerous. Regulated mods instead contain a circuit board which meets safety standards, which means that you don’t have to worry about any mishaps.

The upside to unregulated mods is in the vapor production and power you can reach with them, whilst also learning about electronics as you go! With so much freedom, you can find the perfect vaping experience for your tastes, perfectly calibrating your devices to reach a peak vaping level.