What’s the difference between smoking and vaping?

Vaping is fast becoming the ultimate smoking alternative. So, what is all the fuss about?

Vaping and smoking couldn’t be any more different yet share many of the same similarities. It’s not rare to see many ex-smokers turning to the heat not burn habit instead due to the amount of health benefits which come alongside it as well as the fact that you can save a lot of money. So, should you turn to vaping from smoking? And what differences might you encounter? Smoking is not for everyone, and vaping can be a far more inclusive habit which considers the environment as well as those non-cloud chasers in the street around you. Below you can find just some of the reasons why you should consider vaping over smoking, and just what differences you’ll see, not only in your habits but in your health as well.

Less chemicals

Tobacco smoke has over 300 carcinogenic chemicals in the smoke it produces. This is because tobacco is treated with a range of pesticides, chemicals and preserving agents, all of which influence the taste and the longevity of tobacco. E liquid on the other hand is made up of only a handful of ingredients. Alongside the vapour inhaled and exhaled, you’ll also see propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine on the ingredients information. These are soluble compounds which the flavourings and oily nature of the vape juice are carried within. These are organic compounds and completely harmless to the human body. Vaping: 1, Cigarettes: Nil!

Heat not burn

Another reason why there are far less chemicals in vape juice than there is in tobacco smoke is the fact that there are no elements of the product which are burnt. This burning of tobacco is what unlocks many of the dangerous chemicals when smoking cigarettes. On the other hand, vaping simply heats up the vape juice electronically, leading to the inhaling of water vapour rather than ash. This not only benefits your health but will also lead to less chance of home fires and accidents due to burns. The London fire department even went as far as to promote e cigarettes as a great alternative because of this very fact.

More choice

With tobacco, you’re pretty much left with the choice between menthol and tobacco flavours. Let’s face it, most of the brands of cigarettes and tobacco taste the same and even if they were different, you wouldn’t be able to taste it because cigarettes damage the nerves on your tongue. E liquids on the other hand, are great when it comes to the range of tastes they cater for. With so many different tastes ranging from whole meals in one inhale to singular fruits, you’ll soon be a connoisseur of all taste, becoming sensitive to the complex notes which show themselves in a flavour like strawberry cheesecake or caramel and coffee. Even the tobacco flavour vape juices taste better than the real thing!

Vape your own way

On top of the diversity in flavour, you’ll also be graced with a diversity of vape device designs. The range of vape pens, sub ohm mods, cigalikes and box mods on sale is never ending, with more and more models coming out every year. If that’s not enough, the flexibility of coil designs, mouth pieces, wicking cotton and even atomiser heads know no bounds either. The mind will truly be blown when browsing through the selection you can choose from.

With tobacco on the other hand, you can choose a different colour rizla, and that’s about it…

Choose your nicotine content

One strength does not apply to all with vaping. Whilst cigarettes contain more or less the same amount of nicotine, meaning you either smoke more of them or less of them, you can choose the strength of your vape juice in relation to the nicotine strength you need to quell the craving.

Vaping in public

Further on the flexibility band wagon, vaping in public requires less caution as well. Whilst vaping indoors is up to the discretion of the property owner, you don’t have to worry about passive smoke when it comes to vaping as there’s nearly no nicotine or chemicals at all in a vape exhales, even in a hefty cloud.