Vaping has come a long way since it’s early cigalike days. There are more ways than ever to enjoy a vape hit.

 Vaping has been around for more than a decade now, and whilst compared to other industries this is very young indeed, there’s still been plenty of time for vaping to find its feet and explore the possibilities in techniques. DTL and MTL vaping are two different styles which show just how diverse vaping can be. Everyone has different tastes, and going DTL or MTL are examples of just two of the many vaping variations.

Mouth to Lung vaping

 Mouth to lung vaping is the term given to the first and second generation of devices. These simple devices include the vape pen and the cigalike and are designed to mimic the smoking experience. Mouth to Lung vaping is vaping at its simplest and means that you inhale the vapor into your mouth before it travels down into your lungs. This was the first technique developed for vaping and were very attractive to those who were trying to give up smoking.

 Direct to Lung Vaping

 Direct to Lung vaping was the name given to the style made popular by later generation vape devices. With this style of vaping, the vapour inhaled travels straight from the mouth into the lungs, creating a bigger vape cloud and heftier vape hit. This is usually reserved for devices with adjustable temperature controls and variable wattages. Third generation vape devices are now readily available in many of the best vape shops in the country, and these are the devices which are often purchased by vaping pros.

lung vaping

 Mouth to Lung positives

 Mouth to Lung vape devices are simple to use and resemble normal cigarettes in the way that you take in the vapour. This means that they are attractive to first timers looking to make the transition alongside those with little interest in cloud chasing. Mouth to lung vaping is a great way to stealth vape due to this very reason, meaning that if you’re trapped in a crowd of non-vapers, you can get away with a cheeky little hit.


 As mentioned above, the hit is smaller and you get less of a vape cloud. This means that there is less taste and less of a satisfying nicotine scratch. Vaping veterans will have little time for mouth to lung vaping due to its inflexibility in these areas. Most MTL devices are either disposable or have limited capabilities.

 Direct to Lung positives

 Direct to Lung vaping is a vaping pro’s dream. The power that comes with a hit is like no other and the vapour cloud that comes out is great for cloud chasers and those looking to get involved in vaping competitions. What’s more, there is a lot more flexibility which comes with Direct to Lung vaping devices, the power settings and temperature controls being ever more flexible.


 This style may be a little overwhelming for first timers, but once you’ve gotten used to MTL vaping, you’ll be opening up to a whole new vaping world.