There are handy little tricks to vaping which only come with experience. Here’s one of them.

 Just like preheating an oven, warming up your mod is the best way to make sure that your getting the most out of your vape mod. With so many different types coming out through innovations in technology, vape devices are getting more and more complex every year. Whether you go regulated or unregulated, knowing the best way to prime your vape device will provide great shortcuts to getting the best vape hit possible with your device. Whether you’re looking for the perfect hit or just want your vape device kept in good condition, there are plenty of reasons why you should warm up your vape mod.

How do you warm up a vape mod?

 To warm up your vape device is incredibly easy indeed. Instead of taking out your vape device and starting to vape straight away, letting heat up for a minute or two will allow you more optium power from the device. This is the same as starting the engine of a car to allow it to warm up for maximum acceleration.

To warm up your vape device, simply turn on the power button for a minute or two and wait till you start vaping. This will allow the circuit to get moving and allow you to get the perfect vape hit once you’ve warmed it up.


Why should you warm up a vape mod?

 Vape mods are made from incredibly powerful vape components, some of the best technology out there. This vape tech means that it requires a lot of voltage and wattage to heat up, hence why you are given variable wattage and voltage options. On top of this, vape mods often use kanthal wiring for a coil, where the electricity runs from the battery to the atomiser head, alongside other replaceable accessories. These allow the vape device to run at a higher power. With that in mind, the vape device is best used for those who want to sub ohm vape.

What is sub ohm vaping?

 Sub ohm vaping refers to ohm’s law, the law that uses resistance and wattage to find the power of a circuit. The circuit in a vape device consists of the vape battery, which is often rechargeable, the coil and atomiser head. When you sub ohm vape, you are vaping with a resistance under 1.0 ohm. Sub ohm vaping gives you the opportunity to blow bigger vape clouds and take in more vape juice.

This type of vaping is usually direct to lung vaping, meaning that you are vaping straight from the device to your lungs, bypassing the mouth. Earlier vape devices used mouth to lung vaping to mimic the feeling of smoking a cigarette, whilst this style takes vaping to a whole new level.

Ask any shop assistant at your favourite vape shop in London and they’ll tell you, whether you’re a beginner with vape mods, or you’ve been doing it for a long time, warming up your device before use is always worth the wait.