Vape today; feel better tomorrow: can vaping benefit your health?

Much is made of vaping in the mainstream media and on rather hysterical websites that would like to have those who listen to/ read them believe that it’s an activity that’s as hazardous to their health as tobacco-smoking. The vast majority of vapers know different, though – and there’s a strong argument to be made that, far from harming their bodies, it’s actually doing them good.


Vape to kick the smoking habit

First up, it’s been well-researched and, thus, in academic circles it’s well regarded that vaping can be a major contributor quitting conventional cigarettes. For someone looking to quit, substituting tobacco-packed ciggies for e-cigarettes containing e juice (so long as the latter contains an adequate amount of nicotine, at least to start with) can be the clinching factor in ensuring they successfully move on from tobacco – and move on for good. In this sense then, vaping can unquestionably improve someone’s health. It could even play a significant role in saving their life; for who knows, had that smoker-turned-vaper continued to consume tobacco – and all the hazardous, carcinogenic chemicals contained in its tar – at the rate they had been, it could have eventually led to illnesses that may have proved fatal.

And, of course, it’s worth mentioning the fact that vape juices contain varying levels of nicotine because it’s this that ensures that, via vaping, those looking to quit smoking can get the nicotine ‘hit’ they need without having to resort to the carcinogenic ciggies they’d otherwise reach for. As an activity that in some way mimics the act of smoking (putting a drip tip to the lips and breathing in and out smoke-like vapour), while also proving pleasurable thanks to the cacophony of delicious flavours of e-juice available, vaping can play a proven successful role in getting people off cigarettes for good.

Moreover, because they’re all along getting their nicotine hit (while potentially reducing the nicotine content they’re consuming, at a rate they’re comfortable with), smokers-turned-vapers are less likely to experience the irritability, anxiety and even depression that others trying to quit smoking may experience who primarily try quitting by other means.


Savour the flavours

It’s also been mooted by some experts that, thanks to the aforementioned pleasant tasting flavours of many different e-fluids, the act of vaping may be good for one’s health because it delivers relaxation and stress-relief-related benefits. Why is this? Well, the thinking goes that, via savouring and fully enjoying the few moments’ worth of delicious flavour an e-juice affords the vaper, it results in something of a relaxing, even sedating-like effect. In other words, it brings a sense of serenity and a calming effect on the mind, which may contribute to relieving anxiety and strong emotions; if only momentarily but, nonetheless, effectively.

Some have extrapolated this analysis and posited that vaping may then aid (at least some) people when it comes to raising their spirits, especially those who feel they constantly find it difficult to combat disappointment, sluggishness, aggression and sadness (i.e. those who suffer from depression, anxiety or prolonged duress stress disorder – or PDSD). As to whether there’s proper academic evidence out there to support this is a good question; however, it’s logical that, like smoking, it may to some extent may help in this area; not least because both vape juice and tobacco contain nicotine, which has significant stimulation properties.

That said, it should be seriously borne in mind that, of course, nicotine is a highly addictive chemical; although exposure to it via vaping carries far in a way less of a risk to the body than exposure to it via smoking because, as noted, the latter exposes the body to many carcinogenic chemicals vaping does not.


vaping benefit your health


So vaping will do you good?

By and large, it’s definitely true that vaping is unlikely to do your body harm – and, certainly if you’re a smoker, it could do you a great deal of good because it could dramatically help you wean yourself off tobacco-packed cigarettes.

And yet, in spite of this, you’re doubtless aware that some organisations throughout the world are constantly fighting people’s ability to vape freely, despite there being far from any persuading concrete evidence that it exposes those who vape to any serious contaminants. And although many governments and public health bodies across the globe are choosing to ever more regulate vaping, its popularity among citizens is ever rising.

So, for those citizens who see the light and choose to vape (especially as an alternative to smoking) it’s time to fight the good fight against those who try to restrict their vaping, if they’re not doing so already – vaping’s here to stay and, while it’s at it, it’s no doubt doing good for all who choose to vape.