Which of these vape mods are the most powerful?

Picking A new vape mod is not an easy task. Here are some of our current favourites and what you need to know about them.

Here at the Vape Shops we pride ourselves on selling only the best vape mods out there. The only problem is that there are so many, that it’s often difficult to choose the best of the rest. Whilst many of the new vapes on the market today benefit completely from innovations in technology and over a decade of user experience, it’s still difficult to choose your favourite vape mods.

What is a vape mod?

To start off, lets get to the bottom of this definition. When you’re rifling through the plethora of devices out there, your bound to come across this term and whilst all vape devices have the same function not all of them have the same internal workings.

Vape mods are basically an advanced form of the vape pen. Using more complex electrical and mechanical systems, the vape mod is “modified” to enhance certain aspects of the vaping experience. Whether it’s a Direct to Lung hit rather than a Mouth to Lung, or more vapour or taste production, vape mods are there for those looking to step up their vaping game. It also gives you more flexibility as vape mods often allow you to swap and change parts of the device, such as rebuildable coils, different atomisers and even the material you use for wicking cotton.

Smok GX2/4 TC Mod

With a maximum power output of 350 Watts, this vape mod is one of the innovative new pieces of kit from the Smok team. Twinned with a TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank, this mod is one of the best for above ohm vaping. The only problem is that the tank is so powerful that it would benefit from going sub ohm but nevertheless, there’s no shortage of vape hits here. The 4-battery setting really brings the power up but if you want to vape at the maximum power output, then you’d better be ready for an overwhelming experience. When it comes to vape designs, the Smok GX2 is definitely a dinky little product. You can fit the device in your pocket and it rests nicely in the palm of your hand. With this small tank comes big vape production, especially with this device’s 0.4-ohm coil and 0.15 option coming with it as well. The small device comes with a 2 ml Big Baby Beast Tank and gives you the chance to swap and change the inner workings, making it a great choice for those looking for rebuildable devices.

Rev Nitro 200W

This new vape mod is changing gears in the e cig world. With a unique design unlike anything seen before in the vape world, the Rev Nitro has been turbo charging vape experiences since its release last year. With it’s unique look, based on the design of a cars gearbox, the Rev Nitro has one of the coolest aesthetics out there. With its speedometer and rev count displays, you can keep track of your devices wattage and temperature controls whilst the ohm is very flexible, ranging between 0.08 and 3 ohms. with a maximum of 200 watts, the device is perfect for those looking for a smooth hit whilst the third nitro button gives you a boost of power for a real strong DTL hit.

Wismec Reuleaux Mod

This great value mod was designed by JayBo and manufactured by the Wismec company, two trailblazers in the vape aesthetics game.  This simple and effective model has a unique three battery input and can get you vaping up to 200 watts. Built using slick titanium, Nickel and Steel, the regularly updated device comes in 50 x 40 x 84 mm size and an ohm range of 0.1 to 3.5, making it a safe and potent device.

Eleaf Ipower 80W

With its wood façade exterior, the Eleaf is a smooth and subtle vape experience which would suit those looking for their first vape upgrade. The mid-range power makes this device incredibly lightweight whilst still adhering to the LED temperature control displays we have grown accustomed to in box mods.