Vaping can be plain sailing until a blinking light or an anonymous gurgle begins encroaching into your vape session. Vape devices have been made to be easy to use and work with, but if you are a beginner or are used to simpler devices, they can often cause confusion and alarm, and that’s when they work properly!

Despite great manufacture and design, the SMOK device can run into problems from time to time. This mostly comes down to the fact that the SMOK vape company have designed so many different devices including the SMOK PRIV and the SMOK Vape Pen. With so many different devices, comes troubleshooting on a larger scale. Luckily, most SMOK devices will run into similar problems which aren’t necessarily unique to the SMOK device but to vapes in general. Below are some common queries you might run into with various SMOK devices, and some of the solutions to the problems.

What is the max puff display?

On your SMOK mod display, you have the option to plan your vape, setting a limit to the amount to fo puffs you can take as well as the strength of the drag you are inhaling. This means that if you puff to heavily or you have reached the maximum level of puffs you are allowed, the “puffs over” or “max puff” warning will light up on your display. This helps people who are trying to keep a tab on their nicotine intake, but can be annoying if you don’t know how to calibrate the settings.

Here’s how you do it.

On the display, you can enter the “puff setting menu” and change the amount of puffs before the warning will come up. For instance your max puff setting was at 150, you can up the number of puffs.

You can also set the vape planning feature from the “puff setting” menu to “never” mode, thus disabling the feature.

Why is my pod device LED light blinking?

It’s always annoying when your pod mod lights are flashing. This will undoubtedly lead you to worry about what the problem is and can be rather distracting.

Here are some of the reasons your LED might be flashing.

If your light flashes for 8 seconds, your pod mod has entered protection mode to secure a faulty circuit. If it flashes for longer than 8 seconds, the device will automatically shut down.

If the LED light blinks as below that means in normal working:

If the the device has short circuited, the LED light will flash 4 times before the output is shut down automatically.

If the voltage of your device is too low, the battery being below 3.3 volts, then the LED light will flash a total of 15 times before shutting down the device.

Can my T-Priv III be charged with a USB cable

The USB cable on the T-Priv mod is not used for charging. THe USB  cable provided is only used for firmware updates. Currently, the T-Priv III has no firmware updates available. You can charge your T-Priv by removing the rechargeable batteries and recharging them.

My display says my ohms are too high or too low

This may be because your coil is either at a resistance of under 0.1 ohms or above 3.0 ohms, meaning you’ll have to change your coil.

If the problem persists, then it may be because your resistance detection hardware is broken, the device itself has short circuited or the screws in your device are not secure.

To rectify the coil problem, try taking the tank off of your device and clicking the fire button. Place the tank back on and when the display asks you whether the coil is new or not, click “n”.

Try a different coil or tank on your vape mod. This will then determine whether it is the tank, coil or the device itself causing the low or high resistance problem.

My vape device tells me my battery is too low

With devices such as the Smok 22 Glass and many of the other SMOK mods, you’ll find 30 percent to be the low battery threshold. After this, you’ll see that the devices display will warn you that the battery is getting too low. To rectify this, charge your device, either through the removable battery or the in built USB cable.

My vape device is overheating

If your vape device display gives you a “too hot” warning, it might be because you have been chain vaping for too long at a high wattage. You may even find that your device is so hot, you can’t even touch it without burning yourself! If you have replaceable batteries, take them out of your device and let it cool down for 15 minutes.

Blinking LED light on your SMOK vape pen

If you have bought a SMOK vape pen from the Vape Store and your LED light blinks for 5 seconds, it is because you have held down the power button for more than 8 seconds. This will automatically shut down the device.

The LED light will blink 4 times if there is a problem with your resistance. This might be because you have exceeded 2.5 ohms or 0.1 ohms. Remember that vape pens are mid range devices which are not supposed to be used for sub ohming.

If your battery reaches below 3.3 volts, your device will blink its LED 15 times before shutting down.

Please note that if your devices lights keep blinking or lighting up, then it is probably because your device is broken.

My screen won’t turn on

If the LED display on your SMOK device won’t turn on, there are a few things to check before deciding that your device is broken.

For starters, check if your device is in stealth mode. Stealth mode allows you to vape discreetly, ensuring that the lights don’t flash up. Turn off stealth mode to vape normally.

It also might be that the firmware on your device was damaged by an abnormal shutdown, meaning that the LED screen won’t turn on. You will need to reset your device if this is the case and update the firmware.