All You Need To Know About Sub-Ohm Vaping

It’s time to get your head around one of the most innovative vaping styles out there.

If you’re new to vaping, you may very well not have come across one of the most exciting vaping devices out there, the sub ohm vape. This may be because you haven’t explored the full range out there or it may simply be because these devices are reserved for hardened vapers. These devices are well worth knowing about, especially with the huge amount of flexibility they give to a user. These devices are known for their power and ability to work at an incredibly low resistance. Below you can find out everything you need to know about a sub ohm vape device, and whether they are right for you.

What is a sub ohm vape?

Sub Ohm vaping is essentially there for those who want to produce more vape clouds. This method of vaping follows the rules of ohms law, that is that a device or circuits resistance is equal to its voltage over its current. With sub ohm vaping, the resistance can go under 1 ohm. This means you have more flexibility in your device and can therefore get more out of your device than your average vape device. These are flexible not only in the use of their atomisers, but in their air flow as well, both being adjustable to the satisfaction of the vaper.

How to work your sub ohm vape

So, you’ve decided to invest in a sub ohm vape. Next thing to do is learn how to use it! These vape devices are known for their amazing low resistance, so first thing you need to do is screw in your low resistance atomiser, making sure that the vape battery you’re using is powerful enough to handle it. Once everything is slotted in the appropriate place, it is time to make the most out of your it is time to find the perfect power settings for you. starting at a low power setting, begin to turn up the wattage and temperature on your device. Start small and take draws on your vape device whilst you dial it up. This will help you find the perfect wattage for your vaping journey, at which point take a note of the settings at which you’re getting a satisfying vape hit. Whether you’re vaping mouth to lung, in which you’re inhaling into your mouth for the taste before the lungs, or direct to lung, in which the vapour in inhaled straight into your lungs, is completely up to you.

Positives of the sub ohm vape

On a positive level, sub ohm vaping is one of the best ways to vape how you want to. With devices with less flexibility, it can be difficult to find the perfect level at which to vape, but with the shifting airway and resistance settings, you can vape as tight or loose as you like. This also gives you the benefit of increased vapour production, alongside a heightened taste, depending on the settings you’ve settled for.

Negatives of the sub ohm vape

With bigger cloud production and less resistance comes the problem of more juice being used. With more juice being used at a faster rate, the sub ohm vape device is a real vape juice guzzler. If you’re strapped for cash therefore, the sub ohm vape device could be a bad idea to start investing in. Another problem with the sub ohm devices is that your battery needs to be high powered otherwise your vape devices circuit could short out. On top of this, you’ll see a decrease in battery life and potentially must change the style in which you vape.

Regular or sub ohm?

Bearing all of this in mind, is sub ohm vaping right for you? If you’re new to vaping, the answer is probably no. the sub ohm vaping style is regarded to be the go to for people who have been at it for a while. Try the simpler devices, such as vape pens and cigalikes first, so you can get used to the simple techniques of vaping. Once you have surpassed a beginner’s phase, you may want to branch out and find what vaping style defines you. at this stage of your journey, it might be a good idea to try sub ohm vapes.