What You Need To Become A Grade A Cloud Chaser

Cloud chasing is all the rage in the vape industry these days. Here’s what you’ll need to jump on the trend.


Ever looked at a group of vapers, or more to the point the dense thick clouds billowing around them? Have you ever wished that you could vape like them, especially when they blow those wondrous patterns? You’re not alone; many people visit vape trick competitions for that very reason. With many pros now sponsored by vape companies who give them free kit for their finesse in smoke ring blowing, there’s no surprise that vape trick competitions gain so much attention in the industry. If you’re looking to up the thickness of your vape clouds, then there’s a few tricks you can take from your vape device itself.


Adjusting the airflow

Many modern day vape devices come with the ability to have their airflows adjusted. This is useful for those who want a tighter draw on their vape device, a warmer hit if you will. Other people, especially cloud chasers may want to increase their vape cloud density by allowing more air in each inhale, allowing more vapour through to therefore blow bigger clouds on the exhale. Most applicable devices will have a twistable ring either near the bottom of the vape tank or at the bottom of the mouthpiece. Using this will ensure that you get as big a vape cloud as possible.


Vape batteries 

To ensure the best vape clouds possible, make sure that you’re using the right vape battery. Some are stronger than others, so making sure yours is compatible with the device you’re using and won’t blow out it’s circuitry is key to getting the best vape clouds, and for the health of your vape device in general. You can find many different batteries, ranging in mAh from 1000 to 5000, each being used for a different vape device. The smaller ones will of course need less power, but if you’re looking to vape big clouds, then you’ll be looking at higher powered ones. On top of this, for optimum cloud chasing make sure that your rechargeable vape device is fully charged, as if your device is running out of juice you will obviously be blowing smaller clouds.


Sub ohm vaping and decreasing resistance 

So where does sub ohm vaping come into play with cloud chasing? When it comes down to it, sub ohm vaping is one of the best types of vape device for cloud chasing. The reason for this is in the use of resistance. Now you don’t need to be a science boffin to understand resistance and its place within ohm’s law, and neither do you have to know about resistance and its place within ohms law to be a pro vaper. Simply put, sub ohm vaping means that you can vape under 1 ohm of resistance, this means that there is more energy flowing between your vape tank and atomiser and allows more energy to run through, and so by association, more vapour, creating larger vape clouds.


Power settings

And that brings us onto the power settings of your vape device. Alongside sub ohm vaping, one popular addition to the once simple vape device is the use of temperature controls. These allow you to work out, using a small display on your device, what temperature and power setting is right for you and your vaping satisfaction. It is also a good way to find the perfect vape cloud for you, the power settings giving you the flexibility to choose how big to blow.


Up the VG content of your vape juice

Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are two of the main ingredients in vape juice. These two odourless and colourless compounds are used as the base for the flavours and nicotine in vape juice. There is one major difference between PG and VG though, despite their sharing a range of chemical bonds. Whilst PG usually carries the taste of the vape juice your inhaling, the VG carries the thickness of the juice. In turn this means that if you have a higher vegetable glycerin ratio in your vape juice, you’ll have larger vape clouds during your session. You can find the PG/VG ratio content on the side of all vape juice bottles; going for a higher VG content will help you race to cloud chase greatness.



Dripping is the term used for the process of vaping without a tank, and instead dripping your vape juice straight onto the atomiser. This means that on the inhale there is no loss of vape juice in the transferring of the liquid from the tank into the atomiser, allowing you a smoother and tastier vape inhale, as well as giving you more vapor.