Make Yourself A Master: How To Do The Coolest Vaping Tricks

Get this straight; vaping isn’t merely a means to an end – a way to kick the ciggies, get off tobacco and, probably over time, reduce your nicotine addiction. And it’s not just about coiling wire and complex equations involving ohms and voltage right. Get this straight; vaping can be simple fun. A lot of simple fun!

How so? Well, in addition to throwing yourself into the welcoming and hip culture of vaping and turning the art of modifying your vaping device into a hobby, it’s also about vaping tricks. That is, cool and irresistible vapour-based tricks. Basic smoke tricks such as blowing smoke rings have been around in the tobacco smoking community for decades, but vaping aficionados have taken this a step further, coming up with a variety of breath-taking new tricks and even setting up global competitions to showcase their skills.

So then, here we explain how to perform some of the most popular vaping tricks. There’s something for everyone; whether you’re a complete beginner or seasoned vaping trickster. For best results, use high VG juice in a sub ohm tank or RDA in a room with minimal airflow (no air conditioning).

The ghost hit

What? Also known as the snap inhale or mushroom cloud, this is one of the easier vaping tricks. It involves releasing a ball of vapour, then ‘snapping’ it back in.

How? Take a long drag of e liquid vapour and let it linger in your mouth for a couple of seconds. Then push out all the vapor from your mouth in a ball and quickly inhale it back in.

The dragon

What? Another easy vape trick to master, the Dragon makes you look like a ferocious mythical beast. Or maybe just someone blowing clouds out of four holes in their face. Either way it looks impressive.

How? Take a long drag without inhaling. Once your mouth is full of thick vapor, exhale forcefully through your nose while simultaneously exhaling through each side of your mouth. Master this and a guest spot in Game of Thrones is surely yours.


The vapour bubbles

What? Another piece of prop-based wizardry, this produces a huge bubble with vapor trapped inside.

How? Cut the bottom off a small plastic bottle and mix up a bowl of bubble solution using hand soap and water. Dip the end of the bottle into the liquid, then slowly exhale vapor through the nozzle to create a magical vape-filled bubble.

The French inhale

What? Also known as the Irish Waterfall, this was made famous in the classic Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa video. Vapor flows up from the mouth to be inhaled through the nostrils, similar to a waterfall in reverse.

How? Take a drag but don’t inhale, let the vapor settle. Then slowly open your mouth, push your bottom jaw out and let the vapor come out naturally. Inhale through your nose at the same time. Voila!

Blowing ‘O’s’

What? Based on the age-old smoke rings trick but revamped for vaping, they form the basis of many of the more ambitious tricks described in the ‘advanced’ section. They are relatively common, but perfection takes practice.

How? Take a pull on you vape and inhale it into your throat. Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth and towards the back of your throat. Form your lips into a round ‘O’ shape then push a small amount of vapor out using your throat in a short pulsing motion, similar to a subtle cough. The size of the ‘O’ you make with your lips correlates to the vapor ring produced.

Double and triple vape rings

What? As the name suggests, this is blowing two, or even three, O rings at the same time.

How? Although it looks impressive, the technique is quite simple if you’ve mastered blowing O’s. Simply place a finger over your mouth, pressing and pulling down slightly on the top lip to split the opening of your mouth into two sections. Now you get two O’s for the price of one! Triple O’s work on the same principle: use two fingers to split your exhale, but open your mouth wider for best results.

The bull ring

What? This is using vapour to create a pain-free, non-permanent ring through, yes, your nose.

How? Blow a thick medium-sized O then lean in and use your nostrils to inhale the top part of the ring, creating the illusion of a bull ring through your nose. This is best practised in front of a mirror.