With vaping surpassing smoking on the list of popular underage activities, there are definitely a few warning signs you can look out for as a parent.

Let’s put it on the record that if it’s a choice between underage smoking or underage vaping, vaping would be the less damaging of the two. That being said, there are plenty of reasons why vaping is strictly for over 18’s only, and many of them come back down to the use of nicotine in e liquids. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and can actually cause poisoning in high dosages. We all have different tolerances to the chemical and younger, less experienced people will have a lesser one, leading to all manner of side effects.

Strange smells from their room

If you’ve ever been around vape devices, you’ll know that they have a strong smell to them. Flavour dependent, if your child’s room starts to smell suspiciously like the ecig shop down the road, then you can assume they’re hiding something from you. Vapour from an e cigarette will linger for a minute or two, especially in a teenagers typically unaired room. This means that if they’re trying to hide the vape, you’ll definitely have a clue to what they’re up to.

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Batteries you’ve never seen before

Vape batteries are very small, rechargeable pieces of kit. If unusual models of battery turn up around the house, it could be a clue to your child’s vaping habit; typically vape batteries are used only in vape devices and a few other pieces of equipment, so it’s rare that you’ll find them lying around the house without a purpose.

Cotton balls and wire in their bedroom

Coils and wicking cotton are two elements in vape devices which are disposable and replaceable. With so many materials to make your coil out of, you may find variants of metal wire, bent into a spiral as well as cotton buds made of cotton. These are small and easily create litter around the house. If your child is vaping, look closely and your find the evidence.

Strange looking pens and USB sticks

Vape devices and their rechargeable batteries are usually charged using a USB type device. This goes especially for cigalikes which are charged directly into a USB port. It won’t be hard to see new piece of tech kit hanging around the house.

Passing on caffeinated drinks

When people start vaping, some begin to have an increased sensitivity to caffeinated drinks. If your child was once a coffee guzzler but have now stopped, they could be using vape devices.

Increased nose bleeds and cough

Harsh throat hits and the using of mouth and nose moisture when vaping can lead to coughing fits and sometimes nose bleeds. Although the cough won’t be anywhere near as bad as the lung debilitating effects of smoking, it can still act as a warning sign of a vaper.

Dry mouth

Vaping, as mentioned above, uses moisture, so if your child is drinking more water than usual, it could be sign that they’re vaping.