How To Prevent That Sour Taste: Tips For Avoiding Burnt Hits

Although vaping e-liquid that’s heated up by the wick and coil of an e-cig device is, by definition, all about harnessing heat – and although, as a result of this, the wet e-fluid is transformed into dry, breathed-out vapour by the user – the terms ‘burnt’ and ‘dry’ are not ones popular in any vaper’s vocabulary. Particularly when they’re used to describe ‘dry hits’ and ‘burnt hits’.

The fact is, no vaper enjoys burnt hits; they’re bad news. Every vaper should be looking to prevent them – that dry, burnt cotton- and foul-tasting ‘hit’ they get without vapour that can even cause pain in the throat and nose – as much as possible. But how? Well, here are some top tips to note:

  • Prime your coil – failure to do this before a vaping session could ensure you’ll damage or even ruin a perfectly healthy coil right from the off; sure, priming takes a bit of time to do properly but to say it can pay dividends (extending the lifespan of your current coil and so saving you money on new coils and avoiding nasty burnt hits), is to put it mildly


  • Set your wattage lower – using a sub-ohm tank’s great for high-wattage vaping but this too can reduce a coil’s lifespan (especially when combined with chain-vaping) and, when the e-fluid’s absorbed by the wick, at high wattages the wick may burn faster than it absorbs fluid (i.e. more coil-burning than fluid-turning-to-vapour equals burnt hits); alternatively, you might want to purchase a vape coil specifically designed for high-wattage vaping


  • Don’t let your e-juice drop too low – this one’s obvious, sure (if you run out of vape e juice, inevitably you’ll end vaping nothing, burn the coil and probably get a burnt hit), but it’s very easily done should you get distracted enough while vaping; that said, a lot of tanks do come with a minimum level indicator, so if you make sure your juice level doesn’t drop below that, it’s all good


  • Be careful with PG-heavy e-liquid – if you usually vape e-juice with a high vegetable glycerin (VG) content (70 percent or of the e-fluid’s content) then, should you inspect your coil regularly, you might find it’s getting gunked-up a lot; this is because VG-heavy fluid tends to be thick and mess up coils (hello, burnt hits!), while propylene glycol (PG)-heavy e-liquid is, by nature, thinner in consistency and results in less gunk (as well as more flavour, most of the time; win-win!)


  • Keep the tank upright – sounds silly, right? But it does help to reduce the chance of a burnt hit; how? Because allowing your e-cig device (and, thus, the tank contained inside, where the e-fluid resides before being vaped) to lay on its side might mean the wick doesn’t absorb the fluid as well as it can, as the fluid itself will move and slosh about inside the tank; this could especially be an issue should the tank only be half full when you snap it on to your mod (should you have one) and start vaping. So, it’s simple then really – when your tank’s at rest and got e-liquid inside, store it upright, not on its side.