Vape devices have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Through extensive research into the benefits of vaping over smoking as well as technological advances making the past time ever more enjoyable, it’s easy to see why so many people have given tobacco the cold shoulder. Nowadays, you’ll find vape shops up and down the country selling an expansive range of devices and juices, catering to all skill levels and tastes. The problem is that these devices can differ in their functions and the amount of vapour they produce. One problem people will often have is in the process of refilling their devices. Each different type of vape device will have different methods of refilling, whilst the frequencies at which you’ll have to will also vary.

Cigalike refilling

Cigalikes are the first generation of e cigarette, created by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik and branded as a safer alternative to smoking. These devices often resemble real cigarettes, bringing ex smokers a familiarity to ease their transition.

These devices are often disposable, meaning that once they are empty, you have to throw them away, although there are refillable varieties of cigalike available. These devices are refilled by unscrewing the cartridge, which makes up the back quarter of the device and screwing on the next cartridge.

How often should you refill a cigalike?

These devices are often  advertised as lasting for around 500 puffs and have quite a strong nicotine content, meaning you’ll be puffing less. Depending on the amount you vape, these devices should last you at least a few days.

Vape mod refilling

Most vape mods are made with a removable and refillable tank which contain up to 2 ml of vape juice. These tanks are filled using a syringe or pipette, siphoning vape juice from the bottle into the tank. There is usually a rubber plug on the tank, near the back or bottom of the device. When the tank needs cleaning, most RBA devices will allow you to unscrew the tank from the device itself so that you can wash it independently of the rest of the device.

How often should you refill a vape mod?

This completely depends on the type of vape juice you are using and how frequently you vape. A heavy vaper could get through 2 ml of vape juice in a day, whilst for others it could take 4 days. The amount of time it takes to get through your vape juice will also depend on the mxi you are using.

Dripper refilling

Drippers are vape devices which come without a tank, instead dripping vape juice directly onto the atomiser and wicking cotton. Sliding or unplugging the hole you’ll drip into, use your pipette to drip no more than 3 drops of vape juice onto your atomiser.

How often should you refill a dripper?

More than 3 drops on the atomiser will flood your device, rendering it unusable until it is rinsed out. 3 drops of vape juice will last you around 20 puffs on your vape device, although this will depend on how hard you inhale and on the power settings you’re using.