Vaping requires more care and attention than you may have thought possible when still on the smokes. It’s part of the culture and ensuring your vape device is in good condition will ensure that you’re getting the best out of it. This goes for the vape tank as well; though dinky in their 2 ml capacity, they’ll still need you to look out for them and get the best treatment.

Cleaning your vape tank

There’s nothing quite like a clean tasting vape hit and cleaning your vape tank will ensure it stays that way. With old flavours often sticking around after the tank is empty, washing it out will ensure that you get no taste crossover when you refill with a new e juice. Some flavours simply aren’t supposed to be mixed and the occasional wash out between especially potent flavours will keep your vape hit pure and satisfying. What’s more, washing your tank will ensure a better atomiser performance and get rid of any dirt or grit that’s accumulated or crept its way in there.

Below is a comprehensive guide to washing out your vape tank which should work for all RTA’s sold by the Vape Shop.

Unscrewing your vape tank

First off, it’s time to take apart your vape device. RTA devices have replaceable tanks, drip tips, atomisers and coils. Place a bowl of warm water on a dry towel or dishcloth, and after unscrewing your tank, coil and atomiser, place each piece into the bowl to let them soak.

Mild soak

If it’s been a little while since the vape devices parts have been cleaned, add a little soap to the water mix, ensuring that you get rid of any germs and vape juice remnants. The warmer the water, the more likely it is that extra grit will be washed off, the heat loosening the dirt.

Deep soak

If it’s a deep clean you’re looking for, fill up a second bowl with vodka or disinfectant. If you haven’t been able to get rid of the grit or dirt with the warm water soak, then the vodka and disinfectant will do the trick. This will also sterilise the devices individual parts, especially the drip tip, which has had prolonged contact with your mouth and will more than likely need a wash. After the alcohol cleanse, place it back in the warm water bowl to wash it off.

Now not everyone has direct or easy access to ethanol and vodka, especially alcohol which they’re willing to waste. That’s why this step is optional but will give you highly dependable results.

Finishing touches

Once you’ve washed your device, lightly scrub over the nooks and crannies of the device and atomiser with a toothbrush or small swab. After this, dry each piece off and reattach each piece to your device. Throw away the old coil and replace it with a new one, ensuring that it is wired to your desired resistance.