How To Find The Perfect Vape Hit

One aspect of vaping which is rarely thought about is how you’re inhaling your e liquid.

This can directly affect your experience and so should be considered when investing in a device. Most people who are new to vaping will be familiar with only one style of vaping and as you become more used to the hobby, the nuances of the many styles will become ever clearer. Does that vape hit just not do it for you anymore? Or maybe you find the vape style your using to be a little too harsh. If this is the case, then it might be a good idea to branch out and see what else lies in store in the wide world of vaping. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the wealth options available to you.

Direct to Lung hits

Vaping DTL means that you’ll inhale the vape straight down into your lungs, making it an efficient and fast vaping method. This style can be compared to sucking the air out of a balloon; the power behind it pushing it straight into your body much like a draw on a shisha pipe. The DTL style is mostly associated with sub ohm devices and therefore cater to the more experienced vape user.


Aside from being the perfect vape style for the cloud chasers among us, the DTL vape style is a more intense hit, and if you like your VG levels high, then this is the vape style for you. some other positives of the DTL style is that it can feel more satisfying, delivering that tangible throat hit. The DTL style will also help you to take stealthier vape hits. Ever got caught at work taking a vape when you shouldn’t be? Simply hold in the vape on the inhale and you will see the cloud become far less noticeable on the exhale.


With Direct to lung vaping you have an increased risk of burning your throat. With the vapour travelling directly to your lungs from its high-powered device, it is possible to see the liquid become too hot, this is the same with harsh throat hits from an abundance of nicotine and PG. These vape hits, by their very nature, are overwhelming and for the beginner could be less relaxing due to the power of them. These devices, despite their flexibility in variable wattage and temperature control, can be rather inflexible due to their restrictions on nicotine and Propylene Glycol level.

Mouth to lung hits

Mouth to lung vape hits are when you take a vape hit into your mouth before you inhale it into your lungs. This is the most popular form of vape hit and is often the method used by smokers and ex-smokers due to its likeness to cigarettes. This vape hit is usually used with vape devices with high resistance coils, contrasting to the sub ohm vapes low resistance coils.


Should you vape in the mouth to lung style, then? This method of vaping is easier for those who are trying to quit tobacco, whilst it also means that chain vaping is easier. Furthermore, less juice is used than DTL vaping, increasing your e liquid’s longevity. The length of time in which the vape juice is kept in the lungs means that your taste of the vape juice is heightened, especially when paired with the flavour carrying Propylene glycol.


Though you may get more taste, those looking for a harder vape hit may be disappointed with mouth to lung vaping. On top of this, the method may seem outdated with MTL vaping taking precedence with the new innovations in sub ohm devices. Nowadays they are even easier to use and are found in abundance over the MTL devices.

Other options

There are other methods of vaping, and whilst more for the aficionados and trick chasers than they are for the average vaper, some of them might be of interest for you to try out. This includes the hybrid hit, getting a good balance between taste and vape hit. This allows you to draw vapour into the mouth and a little more into the mouth, combining both MTL and DTL for a super hit. To get two hits in one draw, the snap inhale can dot he trick, especially with denser vape clouds. This requires you inhale and then exhale, before quickly drawing the dense vape cloud in. this will mean you waster very little of the vape juice in the tank, providing a double whammy of vape satisfaction and efficiency.