What To Expect From The Vaping Industry In 2018

Vaping is such a young and fast moving industry that it’s often difficult to predict where the next week will take us, let alone year!

But we’ll have a go anyway. As one of the most rapidly growing and fast moving industries in the world, vaping is making leaps and bounds, not only in the commercial world but in the scientific world too. This has led to new research, new innovations and a whole community of followers. This makes vaping an industry the world is watching, and having an understanding of the industry could help you save money and enjoy your vaping experience even more.

Mouth to lung devices will increase in popularity

Also known as MTL devices, these unique devices are going to increase in popularity over the next year. The reason for this is that they are the go to for first time vapers, being the device which most resembles cigarette smoking. The reason for this is that a mouth to lung device spews less vapour, instead focussing on throat hits and taste. The devices involved in this are usually lower powered vape devices that are favoured by ex-smokers for their simplicity of use. With more and more smokers turning to vaping every year, 2018 will therefore cater to this ever growing market. 

Health experts will begin to see the light 

With vaping being endorsed by the likes of Cancer Research UK and by the fire department of Great Britain due to it being an alternative to smoking, a leading cause of cancer and home fires, we are seeing more and more experts begin to see the light. As more international research is carried out which sheds light on the falsities of myths such as popcorn lung and the worries of passive smoking in vape devices, the fog will begin to lift. With vaping being such a young industry, it will take longer for the long term effects of vaping to become apparent. 2018 has given the industry more than a decade to get a clearer picture of this. Research has been carried out far and wide, we are seeing new breakthroughs in the science behind vaping popping up in Italy, the Us and Australia.

New ways round TPD laws

The tobacco products directive has put stringent regulations on nicotine products throughout the world in a bdi to decrease the amount of smokers in the world. This has led to a knock on effect for vaping, leading to regulation on packaging and the size of containers. This year will see better flexibility in the vape industry and vape shops in London and beyond continuing to find ways to save their customers money under the tight laws.

Expect new innovations 

New innovations will allow vaping to go onto bigger and better things. Whilst those who are new to vaping will continue to enjoy the simple vape pen and cigalike devices, there will be an increase in sub ohm devices and mods, which will become ever more complex and powerful. Just like withe the rise of the smartphone, better vape devices will emerge year after year, meaning more competition and exciting new devices. The DIY subculture of vaping will be part of the rise in new technology, as more and more experimentation will lead to ever more innovation.

New research will help us understand vaping

Research from across the world this year will lead us to a better understanding of vaping. Without science, vaping wouldn’t exist in the first place, so doing more research can surely only make it better. The fact of the matter is that vaping still has a long way to go and a lot more work to do if it wants the entire medical community behind it. Although designed by those from the health and technology community, vaping still needs to conduct research, which can take years of compiling the data of, before it is fully accepted. This year will see vaping come one step closer to this as year by year we edge towards a full acceptance from all of the world.

An increase in competition

Due to the fact that we are coming closer and closer to full acceptance from the retail and health community, vaping will see a lot more competition springing up this year. New flavours, new methods and new devices will mean that there will be a lot more vape shops in London and beyond whilst people will be faced with far more choice than ever before. Knowing where to start when it comes to the choice available in vaping is key to enjoying your experience, so making sure you are fully in the know is vital to making the right purchases. Whether you’re new to vaping or a veteran, 2018 will no doubt be one heck of a ride.