Whilst we can’t tell you what you’ll fall in love with – everyone’s taste are different after all – we can still give you an in depth focus into some of the most interesting devices on the market today. That’s where the SMOK X Priv Mod comes in, having been released earlier this year, it’s a device which has turned heads across the world. One extra wow factor for the SMOK X is that it needs to compete with the countless other SMOK devices already on the market, making the stakes even higher for this device to perform above a certain level.

Below is everything you need to know about this year’s most anticipated outing from SMOK.

What is the SMOK X PRIV Mod?

The already existing Priv series has given rise to this more flashy design. With a zinc alloy and carbon fibre panelled exterior, the SMOK Priv is one of the most stylish devices on the market at the moment. Whilst the device is bulkier than your average vape, coming out at 88mm by 46.5mm and a depth of 30.4mm, it shows that size matters with the hefty power it has. The durable zinc alloy exterior is marked with a cobra design on the back, making this vape incredibly distinct, whilst the 2 inch HD screen display gives you advanced menu settings so that you can personalise the SMOK X Priv to suit your vaping needs.

What sets the SMOK X apart from other mods?

For starters, the SMOK X Priv is a box mod, meaning that it comes with a hefty sub ohm tank. This means you can fill it up with a lot of vape juice whilst also vaping below 0.1 ohms. This ensures that any cloud chasers out there are going to be kept satisfied, whilst the large display settings will give you a wide range of options when it comes to variable wattage and temperature controls.

Another tick in the SMOK X box is that if you purchase it as a starter kit from your local vape shop, you’ll also find the V12 Prince Q4 and T10 Coil Head thrown in for good measure. These are two of the best coils for sub ohm vaping on the market, bringing quadruple coil stainless steel right into the heart of your vaping experience.

What are the tech specs of the SMOK X?

The SMOK X is crammed with a maximum of 225 watts of power, giving you more than enough to cloud chase with, whilst the sub ohm vaping will take you to 0.1 ohms, satisfying anyone looking for maximum taste and flexibility.

Who should buy the SMOK X?

The SMOK X is a hefty device, and is definitely not for beginners. The power of temperature control and variable wattage means that you need to know your way around a vape circuit to get the most out of the device. If you are a SMOK vape pen user looking to up your game, then this is the perfect vape device to upgrade to.