How To Choose The Perfect Vape Battery

Vaping runs on electricity and making sure your vape battery is the perfect one for your device is key to a great vape sesh.  

Vape devices are reliant on electricity, unlike their tobacco counterparts. This has done wonders for vapings image since vaping means that you do not inhale any tobacco smoke which takes away many of the dangerous chemicals within the noxious smoke. To make sure that your vape device runs to its full capacity, like with any other electrical device, your vape will be running on some form of battery. Whilst this takes away many of the live flame risks of smoking, there are points you must keep in mind with vaping which will help you to keep your vape device operating smoothly.

What sort of vape batteries are there 

First off, it is a good idea to make sure you know the differences and the requirements of all the different batteries available for vapes. Without this knowledge, you may find yourself faced with an unpowered vape device, or much worse, an overcharged one!

18650 batteries

These batteries are commonly used within electronic devices aside from vape devices. Unlike many other batteries, they work extremely well in providing long lasting power and efficient power to electronic devices such as Tesla cars and LED lights. It is these batteries which are used as the replaceable batteries in e cigarettes. These vape batteries are often either rechargeable or replaceable for the on the go vapers satisfaction. These batteries have a good balance of mAh and amperage, making them efficient and long lasting. This makes them perfect for vape devices which often need to work for long periods without charge.

26650 batteries

These batteries are generally thought of as being stronger than the 18650 but far less developed. These batteries are large and stronger but have not been developed as far as the 18650, partly due to the 18650 being better suited to fit inside smaller vape devices. Devices such as the Vaporesso Nebula and the Ijoy Solo Plus are vape device which benefit from the variable wattage and other flexibilities which come with high powered box mods.

Disposable ecigs

Disposable e-cigarettes are unlike any other vape device in that their batteries cannot be recharged. These batteries are smaller and lower powered because of the disposable e-cigarette not having to rely on cloud vapour production and longevity for their users. The disposable e cigarette user is probably far more casual about their vaping than the more seasoned vapour. This could be because they are new to the scene, fresh from smoking tobacco or simply prefer to use devices which give you a more authentic cigarette experience.

How vape batteries work

Vape batteries work much like any other battery, it is their placement within the vape devices circuitry which may make them different. The vape device is usually made up of an atomiser, a tank, mouthpiece and a battery. The battery is connected between the atomiser and tank and becomes active when the vape device is powered on. The batteries electricity heats up the atomiser which is surrounded by wicking material. This wicking material is saturated in vape juice, heated up by the surrounding atomiser and turning to vapour which is inhaled through the mouthpiece. The battery acts as the heart of the vape device and without it we would have an unpowered device. Of course, depending on the sort of vape device, the power and type of battery will change.

Why you shouldn’t mix them up

When in your local vape shop, it may be easy to take any old battery pack which is on sale. The problem with this is that some batteries are not compatible with other vape devices. We know that they come in many shapes and sizes for instance, but a low powered vape pen may short circuit if fed with a battery of a higher-powered battery. What’s more, if your battery is rechargeable, it may degrade over time and therefore may need replacing. Vape device have been known to cause electrical fires and even been known to explode if overcharged with the wrong battery or plugged into the wrong power source.

Tips for battery safety

If you’re carrying vape batteries on your person without a case in which to keep them, you may end up with them becoming damaged. This is because a vape battery can leak, just like any other if damaged. Another common mistake is draining your batteries completely of power. this may happen if you neglect to charge for a long time, leading to longer charging times. Make sure that your resistance and wattage are on point, a high-powered battery as discussed before, could lead to your vape device exploding. The famous Euston station incident of last year had the entire central London station evacuated due to a loud bang being mistaken for a bomb scare!