Burning issue: how to avoid burning out your device’s coil

Like it or not; the vast majority of vapers are probably only too aware of what experiencing a burnt coil (or wick) is like. That disgusting flavour it gives off never quite fades from memory – so if only there were a way (or a combination of ways) to banish that experience and that taste forever. Well, it just so happens that, yes, there verily is – to avoid a premature burning out of your device’s coil and another awful dry hit, consider (and follow) the advice below…

Always prime a new coil

Without knowing how to properly prime them – or how to prime them at all – there’s a good chance you might ruin vape coils right from the very off. Yes, priming’s that important – and that important from the start because a coil will, of course, be totally dry, ensuring it needs to be completely soaked before its first use. So, how do you prime a coil then, if you don’t already know?

Well, after letting 3-5 drops of e-liquid through the coil’s centre-hole, allow it to sit for around five minutes so the coil is thoroughly saturated. Another priming method is to take a rudimentary drag on your clearomiser but, carefully and gently, without holding down the firing button, so as to pull the liquid into the coil and to saturate it; if you don’t do so gently enough, though, be aware you may end up with vape juice in your mouth – not a great move.

Never let your tank fall below half-full

Unfortunately, when your tank runs too low on e-juice, the fluid level will inevitably drop below the holes in the coil. This is something you should never allow because it’ll only result in dry hits and the burning out of the coil. The trick here then isn’t a trick – it’s simply to remember to keep your tank topped up with sufficient enough fluid; enough so it’s never less than half-full. So long as the coil’s covered in e liquid, the wick will be saturated and the device ready for vaping.

Try to resist chain vaping

Chain vaping’s a very seductive habit to fall into – just like chain-smoking (especially if your e-juice contains nicotine, of course); yet it’s far from good news for coils. Why? Because no vape coil has ever been designed to facilitate continuous vaping – and blithely doing so regardless of this is bound to burn the coil out, simply because it won’t have sufficient time to be properly soaked in e-juice between each vape. To prevent shortening the coil’s lifetime then, don’t give into temptation; just give yourself a few moments between each vape.

Don’t overdo the wattage

Especially if you’re vaping with a mod that can generate more power than many other e-cig devices, turning up the wattage is always popular because it tends to result in big clouds and throaty hits. Yet, if done too much, it can also result in harming the coil, unfortunately. Be mindful when turning up your power settings then; if you’ve just installed a new coil, your best bet is to increase the wattage in increments, as the day progresses, so you don’t burn out the coil.

Always have Temperature Control turned on

An e-cig device armed with a setting that ensures it won’t fire when the coil’s too dry would be awesome, wouldn’t it? Well, increasingly, many advanced devices do (many factory-produced mods, for instance; purchased from the likes of a vape shop UK); in the shape of Temperature Control (TC). It operates by smartly sensing how fast the device’s atomiser heats up; thus, being able to predict when there’s the danger of a dry and/ or burnt hit; essentially if the atomiser is heating up ‘too quickly’.