Best E Liquids For Beginners

Starting vaping can be daunting, but it needn’t be with such great flavours to choose from.

When starting vaping, many people can feel overwhelmed by the choice of e juices on offer. Especially when searching through online vape shops, you can begin to feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of flavours and companies out there. With both sweet and savoury options alongside Heston Blumenthal style experimental concoctions, it’s hard to pin down your tastes as a vaper.

Furthermore, your palette for food and flavours can differ greatly to that of the vaping world. in part this is because the lack of texture; many people’s dislikes for food come less from taste and more from the feel of the food itself and with vaping you don’t have this problem. For instance, many people may not like the gelatinous chew of gummy sweets but love the flavour in a hefty vape cloud. Vape juices are overall, completely vegan as well, meaning that those flavours you miss out on in real life can be resembled in a vape juice. For instance, those with a nut allergy may pine for a taste of peanut butter, a flavour they can enjoy with none of the sometimes-life-threatening side effects which come with it. These are just a few of the reasons why switching from tobacco to e juice is such a wise choice; the amount on offer leading to a new taste for life. Below you can find a few of our favourite flavours.

Tobacco flavours for the ex-smokers

If you’ve just moved to vaping from smoking, then you may want to start with some classic tobacco flavours. This can help newbies acclimatise to vaping whilst still getting the hearty nicotine hit and flavours they’re used to. With distinct flavours resembling that of tobacco and vanilla, you can still get the great earthy flavours of tobacco alongside variations to tantalise your taste buds with. These include menthol, that cool breath of fresh air gracing your lungs without the toxins of tobacco smoke.

Apple and Raspberry ICE

This great flavour from Ju2ce is a great flavour which gives you the best in tart fruit flavours, resembling exactly what you crave from a forest fruit e juice. It’s not just Raspberry you’ll be graced with, but the cool and crisp flavours of apples, balanced beautifully with the sharpness of raspberry. These two flavours go hand in hand and are brought into even greater unity with the cool ice bringing a blast of fresh air. It’s juices like this which bring people over to the vape side, the perfect balance giving you everything you need for that perfect inhale.

Caramel Frapp

Is a coffee pick me up still not on the go enough for you? The for the busy vaper, the caramel frapp from Marina Vapes is a perfect substitute. With the smooth and silky flavour of caramel, and the bitter hit of coffee, this vape juice is like no other. With a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, you’ll be blowing vape clouds which don’t back down on taste, perfect for any vaper wanting to get to grips with what’s in store. Even better for first time vapers, these bottles come with 0 percent nicotine content, meaning that you can add your own nicotine solution to suit your needs. Whether you prefer not having any, or want a bigger hit to appease those cravings, then caramel frapp is that perfect balance between flavour and flexibility for the first timer.

Geeky Melon

Monsta Vapes magnificent creation Geeky Melon is a fruit purists dream. You can find a pure melon paradise for your taste buds whilst also enjoying a dense vape cloud. This is a great one for beginners because of the purity of flavour; no messing around with blends, just a great hit of melon to keep you cool and satisfied. Melon is a great flavour for beginners because of its crisp and subtle flavour, not overpowering but not holding back.

Crystal Mist

Crystal Mist comes from vape connoisseurs Double Drip. This blue raspberry and black cherry mix up will blow your mind, whilst the cool menthol exhale will bring users back to the hey day of the ice cool slush puppy drinks. What better juice to start vaping with than a nostalgic throwback to your favourite fizzy drink?